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The worst-case scenario could happen: Ebola or another harmful virus breaks out, and all around you are potentially infected people, spreading infectious agents to their clothes, furniture, and elsewhere. So you protect yourself by disinfecting everything you touch with bleach. But what happens when the stores run out of bleach? You run to the store, only to find bare shelves, because everyone else has the same idea you do!  Or you could be prepared for a viral outbreak like Ebola with HydraCide – The machine that makes bleach out of salt and water. Be ready for an Ebola outbreak with HydraCide – The machine that makes bleach HydraCide... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Monday, October 06, 11:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

New Toxin Discovered in Bottled Alkaline Water Bottled water drinkers have something new to worry about besides BPA poisoning and the environmental devastation caused by bottled water: Antimony poisoning. Antimony is a heavy metal linked to lung, heart, and gastrointestinal disorders. Drinkers of bottled alkaline water have it worse: The calcium in bottled alkaline water increases the release of antimony from plastic bottles. Calcium increases the release of toxic antimony from plastic bottles Inside a Hot Car: The Worst Case Scenario Leaving bottled water of any kind inside a parked car is a terrible idea. The release of both antimony and BPA... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Thursday, October 02, 11:52 AM America/Los_Angeles

Kelly Emberg on Food Made Simple with Life Ionizers Life Ionizers was recently featured on Food Made Simple, a radio show hosted by Kelly Emberg, The Model Gardener.  Adam Marshall from Life Ionizers was interviewed by Kelly and explained the differences between ionized water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water, and the Brita Pitcher. The water you drink makes a big difference in your health, as Kelly was surprised to discover. Check out the entire line of Life water ionizers by clicking here Adam Marshall, is the  Business Development Manager and Senior Water Expert for Life Ionizers. He has been advising Life Ionizers customers on water... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Friday, December 13, 11:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

Look for the WQA Gold seal to ensure it’s lead free! A water ionizer is a great source of healthy drinking water, unless it contains lead. Unfortunately, there are some Chinese and Taiwanese made water ionizers being sold today that may contain parts made with lead.  Concern over Chinese products made with lead is warranted because so many products from China have been found to be contaminated with lead (or other toxins).       Chinese made water ionizers DO NOT carry lead-free certification Currently, no Chinese-made water ionizers carry lead-free certification. The Water Quality Association (WQA) certifies drinking water... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, September 11, 12:32 PM America/Los_Angeles

What are the side effects of alkaline water? Alkaline water has no clinically-documented side effects. This despite the fact that there are over 40 scientific studies on alkaline water.  Some new drinkers do report a few mild side effects, none of them serious.  This article discusses possible side effects that have been reported on the internet. None of these reported side effects have been confirmed by research or in clinical trials. Flu-like Symptoms Alkaline water side effects are mild and disappear within a week or two Some new drinkers report mild, flu-like symptoms for up to a week. Theories abound as to why alkaline ionized water has... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Wednesday, May 02, 10:47 AM America/Los_Angeles

Ionized water can speed healing of minor cuts and burns This article shows you how to use ionized water as part of home first aid treatment of minor wounds and burns. It is not intended to be medical advice in an emergency or other serious medical situation. Ionized acidic water is used to dress wounds and soothe burns. It’s even used as an infection-preventing rinse during open heart surgery! Doctors in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Tosei General Hospital in Japan pioneered the use of ionized acidic water as an antibacterial rinse for open heart surgery. They demonstrated that it was effective at preventing post-operative... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Thursday, April 12, 9:22 AM America/Los_Angeles

Alkaline Ionized Water could save millions of lives 4 ways alkaline water helps you maintain healthy bones Bone loss  strikes millions of Americans annually. It is blamed for causing as many deaths every year as heart disease! Worse yet, the drugs which are prescribed to treat it – called biphosphonates – may actually make the problem worse! Alkaline ionized water may represent a risk-free way to maintain bone health. There are several studies which show that there is a link between drinking it and maintaining healthy bones. How Alkaline Water helps maintain healthy bones Medical experts point to four benefits that drinking alkaline... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Thursday, November 03, 9:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

Location of atypical hip fracture linked to bisphosponate-based medications Bisphosphonates linked to Hip Fractures Doctors have been prescribing Bisphosphonate-based medications as a preventative treatment for osteoporosis to post-menopausal women since the 1990s. Recent research however has proven that biphosphonate-based medications actually increase the risk of two types of atypical hip fractures in women at risk for osteoporosis. Bisphosphonates act in the body to deactivate cells (called osteoclasts) that are used to break down old bone cells so they can be replaced by new cells. Doctors have long believed that bisphosphonates prevent fractures... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, May 10, 9:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

Expensive hard water problems can be prevented Hard water scale build-up  costs homeowners thousands of dollars in wasted energy. It drastically reduces the life of appliances such as water heaters. It also wrecks home plumbing. Outdoors, hard water scale  damages landscapes, pools, and destroys irrigation systems. Scale build up in soil increases water runoff, which increases water bills. In some states that puts homeowners at risk for receiving a citation for wasting water! Homes with modern appliance are particularly at risk for scale buildup. Newer tankless hot water systems are very sensitive to scale build up. When scale builds up, tankless... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Friday, April 29, 9:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

Bottled water is less regulated than tap water If you think bottled water is cleaner or healthier than tap water, think again. A 2011 study from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) says filtered tap water is safer than bottled water. Many bottled water labels depict natural images which have nothing to do with the source of the water inside. The nutrition labels on the bottles fail to provide basic information about the source and purification of the water inside because the FDA doesn’t require it. EWG evaluated 173 brands of bottled water for transparency, which is a measure of how well the brands disclose the source and purity of their... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Friday, March 04, 15:43 PM America/Los_Angeles