Your colon has a very two very important jobs; it expels waste and absorbs water. Alkaline water can play an important role in both functions. Research shows that alkaline water sets up a pH balance in the intestines that favor beneficial probiotic bacteria over harmful organisms. Alkaline water helps maintain a hydrated colon, and a hydrated colon is a slippery place!

alkaline water benefits for the colon infographic

Three benefits of alkaline water for your colon

You also get essential nutrients when you  maintain a healthy pH balance in your gut with alkaline water. Ionized alkaline water contains the alkaline minerals from tap water in mineral hydrate form – mostly calcium hydrate and magnesium hydrate. Both of these nutrients are easier for your body to absorb from water than they are from food.

Chlorine in water – a silent killer

Research shows that chlorinated water is a significant factor in tumors that form in the colon. The risk is significant, if you drink water with chlorination byproducts, your risk of developing potentially life-threatening colon diseases doubles.

Water ionizers protect you from chlorinated water in two ways: A water ionizer’s filters reduce chlorination levels in water. The ionization process used by an alkaline water machine will reject any residual chlorine in the water by pushing it out in the acidic water stream. A water ionizer is probably the single best protection you can get against chlorinated water for that reason.

Alkaline Water and the War going on inside your gut

For good health, your intestines must maintain an alkaline balance. When your stomach digests food, it is alkalized in the duodenum (the entry into the intestines) prior to being absorbed through the intestinal walls. The ideal pH for your intestines to absorb food is 8.3.

Your intestines require the participation of beneficial bacteria called probiotics to convert digested foodstuff into absorbable nutrients. But the good probiotics in your gut are opposed by harmful bacteria that can prevent nutrient absorption. When that happens, digested food literally rots – right inside your body!

How pH balance affects your gut

Research shows that the war in your intestines between helpful probiotics and harmful bacteria is affected by your intestines pH balance. Beneficial probiotic bacteria are anaerobic – they thrive in the lack of oxygen. The harmful bacteria are known as aerobic bacteria – this means that they thrive in oxygen.

An alkaline pH balance reduces the amount of free oxygen (in favor of hydrogen) in your gut, which favors the development of beneficial probiotics. Acidity in the gut increases the amount of free oxygen, which benefits harmful aerobic bacteria.  By simply drinking alkaline water, you can help  tip the scales in the war in your gut in favor of “the good guys”.

How Hydration affects your gut

When your body becomes dehydrated, your brain starts to ration your body’s water supplies. Your skin dries out, and the first organ to be cut off from the body’s water supply is your colon! Because of this, dehydration is a major factor in constipation and other digestive health problems. Alkaline water has been shown to provide superior hydration, so by simply drinking the right kind of water, you can help keep everything moving along smoothly in your gut.

How to maintain your intestines with alkaline water

Health experts recommend drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water per day for good hydration, more if you work out or sweat a lot. Timing is everything, spread your glasses of water out during the day for alkaline water super hydration. You can also supply healthy alkalinity through the foods you eat by preparing them with alkaline water.

Alkaline water benefits your entire body! Call our healthy water experts today at 855 790-8121 for more information on the benefits of alkaline water.


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