The Echo Seven and the LIFE Ionizers M7 are both seven plate water ionizers. Both machines are


The LIFE Ionizer M7 beats the Echo Seven hands down.

convertible: They can be used countertop, or under the counter with the manufacturer’s optional faucet kit. But besides the fact that both machines have seven plates, and that both machines are convertible, these ionizers couldn’t be more different. The Echo Seven is $398 more expensive than the LIFE M7, but our water ionizer comparison reveals that you get a lot more for your money from the LIFE M7.

Antioxidant Alkaline Water vs. Hydrogen

The biggest difference is in what these machines are designed to produce. The LIFE M7 is designed to make antioxidant alkaline water. There are over 40 studies that show there are health benefits that may come from drinking antioxidant alkaline water, such as

  • Detoxification
  • Restoration of a healthy pH balance
  • Relief from digestive upset
  • Better bone health
  • Improved physical endurance
  • Many more


The M7 puts a lot of antioxidant potential into your water. At the machine’s full flow rate, you still get an antioxidant ORP reading of around -700 ORP, which is what this machine is designed to produce. The M7 has a nice high flow rate, it fills your glass a lot faster than the Echo Seven does.

The Echo Seven is billed as a hydrogen generator. There are studies that suggest that hydrogen, when inhaled, has therapeutic effects. But there are no studies that show that drinking hydrogen-rich water would have any effect on your health whatsoever. The reason is simple: You can’t absorb hydrogen in your intestines, the only organ in your body that can absorb hydrogen is your lungs.

There is another problem with “hydrogen rich” water: Most of it will escape to the atmosphere while the Echo Seven is making it!  The problem is the Echo Seven’s very low flow rate. If you run this machine at it’s full flow rate, the water you get is very weak, so there won’t be much if any actual hydrogen in it. To get good performance, I had to slow this machine down to about 1 to 1.5 liters per minute. That left plenty of time for the hydrogen that the machine was generating to rise and escape my glass. Which is exactly what happened, by the time it filled my glass with water, all of the bubbles of hydrogen gas that came out of the machine had reached the surface of the water in my glass and escaped.

M7 vs Echo Seven: pH, ORP levels, and flow rate

Since the Echo Seven hydrogen test was a complete bust, I decided to compare these two machines for pH and ORP. After all, it’s the pH, alkalinity, and ORP levels of the alkaline water you drink  that determine how much the water can benefit your health when you drink it. For this test, I actually gave the Echo Seven an advantage: I slowed its flow rate down to 1.5 liters per minute so I could get the best pH and ORP levels that this machine could produce. I left the LIFE M7 at it’s full flow rate of about 3 liters per minute – twice what I got out of the Echo Seven – and the M7 still beat it easily. Here’s what I got

Echo Seven

pH range   4.3 – 10.1

ORP          – 487 mV

Flow rate   1.5 Liters per minute

LIFE Ionizers M7

pH range 2.8 – 10.9

ORP        – 687 mV

Flow rate 3 Liters per minute


As you can see, the LIFE M7 gives you higher pH alkaline water, with a lot more antioxidant potential, and it does that at twice the flow rate of the Echo Seven. If I slowed the M7 down to the same flow rate that I slowed the Echo Seven down to; the difference in pH and ORP would have been much greater.

Winner: LIFE M7 You get better pH and ORP levels, which makes for healthier water, at twice the flow rate of the Echo Seven.


The Echo Seven comes with only one internal filter. The filter has activated carbon and KDF 55 filter media. So this machine will filter chlorine and some metals, but that’s about it. The LIFE M7 comes with two internal filters and additional free customized filtration system that is configured to address the toxins in your local water supply. LIFE Ionizers takes the time to get a copy of your local water quality report (filed annually with the EPA) and we analyze it to find out what toxins are in your water. Then we give you the right filters to address those toxins, so you can be sure that your LIFE Ionizer has the right filters to protect you from the majority of toxins found in your water supply.  Remember you want to start with purifying your water before ionizing and alkalizing it.  Competing systems don’t supply you with this advanced filtration system.

Winner: LIFE M7 – You get better filtration that’s customized to protect you from the toxins in your local water supply.

Warranties and Return Policies

The Echo Seven has only a 5 year warranty on labor, compared to LIFE’s M7 which has a 10 year warranty on labor, so the M7’s warranty is twice as long as the Echo Seven’s. Both machines come with a lifetime warranty on parts. The return period for the M7 is also  twice as long as the Echo Seven’s. LIFE gives you 60 days, you only get 30 days with the Echo Seven. Sixty day return policies are an industry standard for a reason: Sixty days gives you the consumer ample time to see what benefit you get from drinking the alkaline water made by the machine. Thirty days just isn’t long enough.

Winner: LIFE M7 – The M7’s warranty and return policy are twice as long as the Echo Seven’s

The LIFE M7 beats the Echo Seven hands down

If you’re shopping for a mid-range ionizer, the LIFE M7 is the clear choice over the Echo Seven. For $398 less, you get healthier ionized alkaline water, and you get it twice as fast. The M7 has much better filtration, and it’s configured to address the toxins in your local water supply. You also get twice the warranty and twice the return policy. Why pay more and get less. Choose LIFE and get the best ionizer that money can buy


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