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Only the Life Drinking Water System purifies, alkalizes and mineralizes your water

The best water filters for drinking water are multi-filter drinking water systems. Tap water contains a wide range of impurities, some of which make drinking water taste bad, and some of them are toxic. The best way a drinking water system that is suited for your water is to get a copy of your local water quality report. The report is filed annually with the EPA by your local water authority, and lists all the impurities that were found in your water.

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Common toxins in drinking water you that must filter out

Chlorine and Chloramines: Virtually all water treatment facilities treat their water with chlorine and/or chloramines, and sometimes with both. To be safe, you need a drinking water filter that treats for both chemicals.

Heavy Metals:  contamination in the US is becoming more common thanks to hydraulic fracturing (fracking), and the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Some heavy metals found in water include lead, hexavalent chromium 6, and uranium isotopes.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)  –  These chemicals include benzene, which is becoming very common to find in areas affected by fracking.

Alkaline Water Filters

Drinking water is made healthier when alkaline minerals are added to it. Alkaline water filters can be found in drinking water systems, and in alkaline water filter pitchers, such as the Pitcher of Life. Alkaline water filter pitchers have become a very popular way to make healthy drinking water. Each type of filter system has advantages:

Alkaline water filter drinking systems: Use multiple filters to purify your water, and then add healthy minerals to it. These systems attach to your sink water supply.

Alkaline water filter pitcher – The Pitcher of Life has a single filter that reduces the odor and taste of chlorine and chloramines. The Pitcher of Life is a very economical way to get healthy, alkaline water and uses no electricity, so it’s portable.

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Carbon-based Drinking Water Filters

Activated carbon is a popular choice for drinking water filters because it is effective against chlorine. Activated carbon is less effective against chloramines however. Catalyzed carbon filters are similar to activated carbon, but are better for chloramines. Your best choice for carbon-based drinking water filters is to use both.

The one filter to have if you can only have a single filter

The Life AR-100 Super Filter uses technology developed for NASA, and is effective against hundreds of toxins found in your drinking water including chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, VOC’s and more. The Life Super Filter is designed to fit standard filter housings, which makes it the perfect choice for upgrading an existing drinking water filter system.

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The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by this water treatment device are not necessarily in your water. Call us today at (888) 688-8889 or click here to receive a free analysis of your local water quality report to find out if you have toxins in your water