Companies selling Kangen water® machines often describe health effects of the water made by these machines in seemingly magical terms. But what is Kangen water®? Is it any better for you than alkaline water? The short answer to both of these questions is; they are both alkaline waters, the term Kangen® is just marketing hype.

Kangen Water® – Why the Hype?

alkaline water comparison to kangen water infographic

Alkaline water is science. Kangen water comes from Japanese mythology

The term Kangen water® is meaningless to scientists. Kangen® is a Japanese word that means: “return to origin” it comes from Japanese mythology. The truth about Kangen water® is many of the claims made about it contradict the known laws of chemistry, physics, and biology. The legend behind Kangen water® machines is that they restore water to its natural healthy state. The reality about Kangen water® machines is that they make alkaline water, and there is no scientific evidence to suggest that Kangen water is any different than alkaline water®.

Is Kangen water® any better than alkaline water?

No, and as a matter of fact, it may not be as clean as alkaline water produced by other systems. Many home water ionizer systems make water that is actually cleaner than Kangen® water. The problem with Kangen water® is the way it is filtered.

Enagic® ionizers (which make Kangen® water) have only a single internal filter that can’t reduce levels of some metallic toxins such as mercury and lead.  Homeowners with older plumbing may wish to avoid the Enagic® Kangen® machine for this reason.

How to be sure your alkaline water is safe

To avoid the risk of toxic impurities that may be present in Kangen water®, make sure your home water ionizer has proper filtration. High quality water ionizers have multiple internal filters that can handle metallic toxins.

If you are concerned about your tap water quality, your safest bet is to use a pre-filter with your home water ionizer. Research done by LIFE Ionizers® reveals that tap water quality varies widely. It is best to have a pre-filter for your ionizer that is designed specifically for toxins found in your local water supply.

Alkaline Water is Science, KangenWater® isn’t

There is plenty of solid, scientific research that points to valuable health benefits that are associated with drinking alkaline water. Kangen water® is simply a fancy term used by Enagic® Corporation to describe their alkaline water, and to justify the high price of their machines. The fact is, you can get home water ionizers that make alkaline water that is both cleaner and stronger than Kangen water® for about half the price that Enagic® charges.


How does LIFE Ionizers® compare to Enagic®?

LIFE Ionizers® can make alkaline drinking water with a higher pH and stronger antioxidant –ORP potential than Enagic®. LIFE also provides you with a free pre-filter to ensure your water is clean:

Drinking Water Comparison: Enagic® vs. LIFE

  LIFE Ionizers® 9100 Enagic® *
pH 11.3 9.5
-ORP -813 -550 mV
Filters 3 total: 2 internal, 1 pre-filter 1 internal

* Without additive chemicals

You may have seen higher pH and –ORP levels advertised for the Enagic® machine, but read the fine print! Enagic® ionizers can only reach high pH and –ORP levels with the use of an additive chemical called glycerophosphoric acid calcium. If you don’t want to add chemicals to your water, Enagic ionizers top out at 9.5 pH.


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