alkaline water ionizer compared to kangen water machine infographic

Both of these machines make alkaline water, choose the right one and you will save a lot of money

Should you drink alkaline water or kangen water™ for better health? The fact is, kangen water™ actually is alkaline water, albeit very expensive alkaline water. There is no meaningful difference between them, other than price. Kangen water™ is just a fancy name for overpriced alkaline water. If you are interested in gaining the health benefits that can come from drinking alkaline water, you can save thousands of dollars by avoiding the kangen machine.

Alkaline water and kangen water™ are the same thing

Alkaline water and kangen water™ are both made using a water ionizer. Alkaline water is the common name for water made by a water ionizer. Kangen water™ is a trademarked name for alkaline water owned by Enagic™ Corporation. Trademark names don’t actually mean anything, for example Saran Wrap™ is just a trademark name for plastic wrap.

Alkaline water and kangen water™ get their healthy benefits from mineral hydrates. Tap water contains mineral carbonates – commonly known as hard water. A water ionizer uses an electrochemical process – called electrodialysis – to change the carbonate minerals in tap water into mineral hydrates. The quality of alkaline water is determined by how well a water ionizer converts those mineral carbonates into mineral hydrates.

Is alkaline water and kangen water™ safe to drink?

Yes, the mineral hydrates in alkaline water are recognized by the FDA as safe. Alkaline water consists primarily of calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide; both of these mineral hydrates are common food additives that are used to make food more nutritious. Calcium hydroxide is so safe and effective, that it is used to fortify infant formula with calcium!

Does the kangen water™ machine make better alkaline water?

No, the kangen  machine isn’t powerful enough to produce water that is as rich in healthy mineral hydrates as most other ionizers it competes against. You can find water ionizers for half the price of the kangen™ machine that make better alkaline water.

If you are considering buying a home water ionizer, do yourself a favor and skip the kangen™ machine. You will save thousands of dollars and get alkaline water that is better than kangen water™. The problem with the kangen™ machine is that it is old. Enagic™ Corporation has never upgraded it; because of this it still uses technology that is obsolete.

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