Are you experiencing side effects from alkaline water?  If so, tell your doctor right away!

Drinking alkaline water has no clinically-documented side effects. Despite this, some new drinkers do report a few side effects, none of them serious. Because of this, LIFE Ionizers urges you to speak with your doctor about the information in this article before you drink alkaline water! This article discusses side effects that have been reported widely over the internet. None of these reported side effects have been investigated clinically.

Flu-like Symptoms from Alkaline Water

side effects of alkaline water infographic

Alkaline water side effects wear off after your body pH level stabilizes

Some new drinkers report mild, flu-like symptoms for up to a week. Theories, such as detoxification abound as to why alkaline water has this side effect, but none of these theories have been tested in clinical research. People who have reported these symptoms say they typically pass in about a week.

Alkaline Water Cravings

Some people report having a craving for alkaline water at first.  Some theories suggest chronic dehydration may be a factor, but this theory hasn’t been clinically tested. Most people who have experienced alkaline water cravings say they pass in a couple of weeks.

Frequent Bathroom Trips

When first starting to drink alkalized water, some people report having to go to the bathroom more frequently. These people report that they experience more frequent urination and defecation. This side effect of alkaline water is said to  pass in a couple of weeks as well.

Alkaline Water Benefits

As mentioned in this article, there are lots of theories about why first time drinkers may experience the side effects discussed here.These theories, such as cleansing or detoxification have never been clinically tested in the US. Most of the research that has been conducted on alkaline water has been done in Asia.


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The FDA has NOT evaluated alkaline water for health purposes

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