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Important To Stay Hydrated for a Healthy Heart

We all want a healthy heart. Many people turn to expensive medications and health supplements to prevent heart attacks. But at the same time, they neglect the simplest and possibly most effective means of keeping your heart healthy: Drinking alkaline water. Why alkaline water? According to Water, Other Fluids, and Fatal Coronary Heart Disease, a large study conducted on the causes of heart attacks, as little as 2% dehydration will dramatically increase your risk for heart failure.

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Alkaline water is best at keeping a heart healthy according to research

The study tracked 20,297 volunteers aged 38 -100 for six years and compared rates of coronary heart disease between people who drank very little water (2 glasses a day or less) and people who drank a lot of water (5 or more glasses per day). Researchers found that people who drank very little water had roughly twice as much risk of heart disease than those who drank lots of water. A second study, called Hard Water and the Heart, suggests that there is a link between your heart health, and the pH of the water you drink. Researchers found that the higher the pH of the water you drink, the greater the protective effect it has on your arteries.

How Dehydration Causes Heart Attacks

Researchers in the study determined that blood viscosity – a measure of how thick the blood is – has a significant effect on problems associated with heart disease such as arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), Hypertension (high blood pressure) and intermittent reduction or loss of blood supply to the legs.

Blood viscosity is elevated by dehydration according the study, researchers noted previous studies that show that dehydration causes an increase in the concentration of red blood cells and an increase in fibrinogen – substances that cause blood clotting. The study concludes that increased blood viscosity, coupled with restrictions in blood flow caused by the buildup of cholesterol deposits in the arteries would combine to restrict blood flow to the heart.

Alkaline Water Hydrates Best

This is an excerpt of from this article: Why Alkaline Water is best for Heart Health.

The Best Source of Alkaline Water for Heart Health

Improving your heart health is a marathon, not a sprint. To gain the benefits of alkaline water, you need to drink it every day - for the rest of your life. In fact, you need to be drinking 2 - 3 liters of it on a daily basis. A water ionizer is the best source of alkaline water, because it is the healthiest and cheapest source of alkaline water over the long term. If you drink 2 - 3 liters per day of bottled alkaline water, you will pay around $200 per month. You can finance a water ionizer - and get more alkaline water - for a lot less than that!

Bottled alkaline water has other shortcomings as well. Most brands are not antioxidant alkaline waters, so there’s no antioxidant benefit from drinking them. Plus, plastic bottles will leach chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and antimony. The longer the water sits in the bottle, the more of those carcinogens the water is going to absorb. A water ionizer is the cleanest and most pure source of alkaline water available.

Yes, we can finance a water ionizer for a lot less than you’d pay per month for a month’s supply of bottled alkaline water. Call us today at 844 419-2840 for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our healthy water experts.

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