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LIFE Ionizers Alkaline Water Purifier vs the Competition.


Alkaline Water PurifierWater Purifier with Alkaline Benefits The LIFE Ionizers M-9 , alkaline water purifier, has 9 plates with the largest surface area available in any home water ionizer. The competition, the Enagic Kangen™ SD 501 water machine is that company's top of the line water ionizer, and now it has met its match.

Cost Benefits: The M-9 is a lot less than other alkaline water purifiers

Enagic claims their machine is more expensive because more platinum is used on its plates. Based on the logic used by Enagic™ (the cost of the machine is mostly the platinum used in it) you would expect the M-9 and the SD-501 to cost about the same after all, these two machines have nearly the same plate surface area. But you'd be wrong, the LIFE M-9 costs $2,597, while the Kangen water™ machine costs $3,980.

LIFE Ionizers is located in California. We also have offices in Canada, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom with distributors in 23 Countries and we ship worldwide. We are distributed by many healthy businesses, health professionals, and major retailers like Sears and Amazon. If you are looking for the best alkaline water purifier around, please feel free to check out more of our amazing ionizer here or call 1.866.272.9032.

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