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3 Reasons Alkaline Water is the Right Water for Heart Health

3 Reasons Alkaline Water is the Right Water for Heart Health

News flash: Alkaline water good for heart. Drinking a glass of water an hour before bed could prevent a heart attack or stroke! Your body can become dehydrated when you sleep, when that happens, your heart has to work harder to pump your blood. Superior hydration is the best defense against a heart attack or stroke while you sleep - and alkaline water hydrates better than plain water. To be good for heart, drink Alkaline water is the best way to keep well hydrated.


Why Alkaline Water is the Right Water for Heart Health

Everyone loves a healthy heart, and one of the best way to love your heart is to drink alkaline water.. Why? Because alkaline water provides three things that every healthy heart loves:

  • Hydration
  • Essential Minerals
  • Cholesterol Reduction

Hydration - Your hydration status affects how thick your blood is. If you are dehydrated, it will be harder for your heart to pump blood. Research conducted at Montana State University showed that alkaline water hydrates about 17% better than plain water, and if you’re dehydrated, alkaline water will rehydrate you faster.

Essential Minerals Do you know what the first thing a doctor in an emergency room will do if they have a heart attack victim? They will give them a shot that supplies a large amount of magnesium. The reason doctors depend on magnesium to help save a heart attack victim’s life is that most people are deficient in magnesium, and that deficiency is a large part of the reason they actually had the heart attack!

Cholesterol Reduction is perhaps the news for healthy hearts that drinking alkaline water can may help lower your cholesterol levels. Research shows that it may lower the levels of the most harmful cholesterols associated with heart trouble: Triglycerides and Very-Low Density Lipoproteins (V-LDL). Both of these forms of cholesterol are associated with a much higher risk of heart trouble.

The more alkaline the water, the greater the protective effect on the arteries

That’s the conclusion of the largest ever study on drinking water for heart health. It’s based on reviews of tens of thousands of case studies gathered over the course of decades. A healthy diet that includes alkaline water and regular exercise are the best way to keep your heart healthy, or to improve the health you’ve got. The human body is an amazing healing machine, give it the right tools and it can take care of many health problems all on it’s own. Alkaline water is one of those tools because as the body ages, it’s ability to buffer acids and fight off harmful oxidation declines. Alkaline water can supply the needed alkalinity, and has the antioxidant potential to reduce the effects of harmful oxidation. Give your body what it needs, and your heart will love you for it.

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This is an excerpt from full article with links to references which you can read here: 3 Reasons Your Heart will Love Alkaline Water